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Another subtle slur against atheists

“Tell me something about what you believe, not what you don’t believe.”  I’m sorry but that strikes me as condescending and patronizing as a “religious” response to someone’s self-description as an atheist.   It’s an especially egregious comment when it comes … Continue reading

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With friends like that…

I used to identify as a Unitarian Universalist (UU) and an atheist.  That’s getting harder and harder for many to do as these groups grow apart.   Some have asked, “Can an Atheist be a Unitarian Universalist?”  For this atheist the … Continue reading

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Practicing the Absence of God

Ok. This is a UU congregation, we can handle the doubt stuff. But promoting the absence of God? What are you talking about? That’s crazy. Presence good. Absence bad. Just Google it. –  “Holiness is practicing the presence of God; … Continue reading

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Transfaith and Interfaith

Note-This Service had three parts that tied together.  A children’s part (Story for all ages), a description of the Transfaith movement, and the sermon titled Transfaith and Interfaith. Story for all ages: Welcome.  There is a Jewish tradition called Midrash … Continue reading

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Sharing Metaphors

Most of human understanding comes through our capacity to understand metaphor.  It is through metaphor that we are able to engage in the arts, science, reason and religion. Some metaphors bear wonderful fruit; others can become like weeds choking growth. … Continue reading

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Welcome to Atheist Sermons!

This site is a repository for various writings from a naturalistic world view.  The writings will focus on  thoughts of value that spring from a an atheistic perspective  The author’s perspective is largely that, “This world is so wonderful, we … Continue reading

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